Fresh Talent Delivered On A Monthly Basis.

Introducing Fresh Talent Monthly. Formatted as a monthly newsletter, Fresh Talent Monthly features high priority Candidates that have already been vetted and are showcased to our exclusive Client List. Fresh Talent Monthly combines our unique Candidate screening process and our digital recruitment expertise to:

Screen And Verify Candidates Actively Seeking New Opportunities

Showcase High Priority Technical Talent With Our Discounted Fees

Build Relationships Between Showcased Talent And Interested Companies

High Priority Talent When You Need It.

Access newly available Talent and take advantage of our exclusive discounts straight from your inbox every month.

Monthly Candidate Showcase
Every issue of Fresh Talent Monthly showcases our best high priority Technical Talent and features key details from our Candidate Screenings.

Professional Company Presentation
We introduce each of our Candidates to our partnering Companies and handle basic administrative and scheduling tasks throughout the Talent Acquisition process.

Professional Candidate Presentation
Ann Wyatt Recruiting provides a full Candidate Presentation Packet including a copy of their resume, completed screening and verified Social Media Account.

Exclusive Discounts
´╗┐For every Candidate that we showcase each month, we offer a discounted Finder's Fee and the option to particpate in our Repeated Partnership Discount. 

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